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Extra Low Suspension Option



Tesla should have the option of lowering the suspension say 1.5 inches-2 inches for a sportier, more aggressive look to the Model S.


Just like there’s an “insane mode” on the AWD, it would be nice to have “low rider” option for the suspension. I assume this would accomplished via a software upgrade programing the suspension to set lower than the current lowest setting.

Moderator: It’s unlikely the suspension can go any lower via software. Physical changes would be necessary. Since it becomes a major safety concern for hitting objects in the road causing a battery puncture, it is very unlikely Tesla would implement this.



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Due to previous Tesla's hitting debris on the highway, I believe the federal government asked or Tesla offered to raise the car, by software limits, to help prevent accidental battery punctures
Sorry, but it doesn't look like Tesla is going to be a low-rider, nor should it be.  It's a "look" that compromises function.