Extra Low Suspension Option



Tesla should have the option of lowering the suspension say 1.5 inches-2 inches for a sportier, more aggressive look to the Model S.


Just like there’s an “insane mode” on the AWD, it would be nice to have “low rider” option for the suspension. I assume this would accomplished via a software upgrade programing the suspension to set lower than the current lowest setting.

Moderator: It’s unlikely the suspension can go any lower via software. Physical changes would be necessary. Since it becomes a major safety concern for hitting objects in the road causing a battery puncture, it is very unlikely Tesla would implement this.



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     Created 1-Jan-2016


Sorry, but it doesn't look like Tesla is going to be a low-rider, nor should it be.  It's a "look" that compromises function.
    Created 5-Aug-2019
Due to previous Tesla's hitting debris on the highway, I believe the federal government asked or Tesla offered to raise the car, by software limits, to help prevent accidental battery punctures
    Created 1-Jan-2016