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Front Lights Mode Memory



We should have the option to choose which headlight/parking lights mode is used when starting the car: headlights on, parking lights or AUTO. Currently it always starts in AUTO.


Some countries require lights to be kept on even during daytime.



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... which suggests an even smarter option:

The car knows where it is, so it should be able to turn on lights all the time when it knows it is in a country that legally requires lights to be turned on all the time!
My current car ignites the XENON lamps always in the garage when in auto mode, even when it's a sunny day outside. That's why I usually turn off the lights before leaving the car. I hope my next car (Model S) will handle this better.
As stated above the default to AUTO on the exterior lights always turns on the headlights in the garage when I start the car. Also during the daylight hours if it is cloudy or raining I prefer to use the PARKING setting rather than AUTO which may turn on the headlights. I would suggest that the default setting be changed from AUTO to what ever the last setting the driver manually selects. This would eliminate the headlights always turning on automatically in the garage. Also if it is cloudly or raining during the day I would not be required to constantly change the setting to PARKING  if that is the setting I prefer.

A friend of mine with a Model 3 just prefers to have his headlights on all the time while driving.  He thinks it's just safer that way.  But, that means that every time he gets in his car, he has to go and turn them on.   He would like for there to be a "persistent" checkbox there so that  it automatically turns on the headlights whenever he gets in (regardless of time of day) and automatically turns them off when he gets out.  So simple yet...
Absolutely agree with LogOfZero.

Using low beams and rear lights all the time increases visibility and security dramatically. Particularly here in Norway where the weather is often grey.

I would like an option to let me select whether AUTO mode should use keep front and rear lights on all the time when the car is in use.