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Audio Mute in Reverse



From a safety perspective, it would be beneficial to mute the audio when the car is in reverse.


This feature may give you better ability to hear the bicycle you’re crunching or child’s scream.

I am truly surprised this isn’t a federal law, and I have yet to own a vehicle that this is implemented in. I have been told it does exist in one or more high-end cars, but not sure which one(s).

Moderator: If you’re running over toys or children, perhaps it’s time to stop driving! We confirmed the feature exists in some VW/Audi/Ford models. Oddly, quite a few cars lock the controls in reverse so you can’t mute or change the volume.



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As with many features, give us the option to enable/disable this.
Include it as an option in the settings tab of the car, either off full, or do a partial volume reduction like what is already done when you open the door to climb out.