Audio Mute in Reverse



From a safety perspective, it would be beneficial to mute the audio when the car is in reverse.


This feature may help to hear the bicycle you’re crunching or the child’s scream.

I am truly surprised this isn’t a federal law, and I have yet to own a vehicle that this is implemented in. I have been told it does exist in one or more high-end cars, but not sure which one(s).

Moderator: If you’re running over toys or children, perhaps it’s time to stop driving! We confirmed the feature exists in some VW/Audi/Ford models. Oddly, quite a few cars lock the controls in reverse so you can’t mute or change the volume. In the Tesla, you can always manually mute the audio with a tap on the left-scroll wheel.



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     Created 28-Jul-2016


Please VOTE for this today - We really need AUTOMATIC VOLUME CONTROL asap for safety reasons and driver comfort.  The lack of this feature has almost caused me to crash!  The kids were talking in the back and the music was on medium and I didn't hear the 'Door Still Open' chime when I reversed. I was lucky but what is the point of having a warning sound if you cannot hear it over the music and chatter. The level of the music when you drive off is the last level it was on when you last used the car (I believe) so it needs automatic help to assist the driver.  It would be an EASY software feature surely. i.e.  AVC:  create a user option (defaulted to 50%) that enables drivers to select how much the stereo system reduces in volume during parking maneuvers (when the parking sensors are running) or better still, when the car is driving slower as this would mean there is less car noise  e.g.   0 to  100% with 10% increment options or Weak, Normal, Strong, Off.

 This feature is often called Automatic Volume Control (also known as  "Automatic Level Control" or "Speed sensitive volume control" or Speed Adjusted Volume").  Many 15 year old cars  have this features e.g.

Come on TESLA - let's get the basics right first please.

[Aside:  can can we change the name of this Idea to Speed Sensitive Volume Control  as I think this is a better summary of the desired feature and what most other cars call it.]

    Created 3-Feb-2020
Include it as an option in the settings tab of the car, either off full, or do a partial volume reduction like what is already done when you open the door to climb out.
    Created 31-Jan-2019
As with many features, give us the option to enable/disable this.
    Created 2-Jan-2019