Audio confirmation of screenshot (Implemented)

Now Implemented!


One of the useful features is to take a screenshot of the displays while driving, when an issue is noticed.

The current implementation has two issues:

Issue 1) you have to hold the button for 5 seconds, which means it’s not possible to record a transient problem.  Also, since 5 seconds is a long time on the road you actually have to hold it a lot longer just to be sure you’ve held it long enough … this constitues an avoidable driver distraction …

Issue 2) there is no confirmation and no way to tell if a screenshot has been taken.  That’s right: no beep, no shutter sound, no flashing light, not even a message saying “screenshot recorded”.

no, make that 3 issues ..!

Issue 3) after resolving 1 and 2 it would be EVEN BETTER if the audio automatically recorded a voice note that could be attached to the screenshot.  The “report” function on the voice activated controls is very hit-and-miss, and frequently fails to log my report.


This is 100% a software fix, that can be pushed out OTA – no safety implication and no complex system testing required, therefore quick and cheap.


Implemented with version 6.0 software. Use the voice command “Bug report” and it will save the screens and allow you to record a short message.

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On my phone, I get an audible notification plus the window is temporarily framed by a blue line when a snapshot is recorded...