Audio Confirmation of Screenshot


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One of the useful features is to take a screenshot of the displays while driving when an issue is noticed.


Issue 1) You have to hold the button for 5 seconds, which means it’s not possible to record a transient problem. Also, since 5 seconds is a long time on the road you actually have to hold it a lot longer just to be sure you’ve held it long enough … this constitutes an avoidable driver distraction.

Issue 2) There is no confirmation and no way to tell if a screenshot has been taken. That’s right: no beep, no shutter sound, no flashing light, not even a message saying “screenshot recorded”.

Issue 3) After resolving 1 and 2 it would be EVEN BETTER if the audio automatically recorded a voice note that could be attached to the screenshot. The “report” function on the voice-activated controls is very hit-and-miss and frequently fails to log my report.


Implemented in version 6.0 software. Use the voice command “Bug report” and it will save the screens and allow you to record a short message.  A confirmation appears on-screen as well.

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     Created 7-Apr-2015

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On my phone, I get an audible notification plus the window is temporarily framed by a blue line when a snapshot is recorded...
    Created 4-Jun-2015