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Improved Turn Signals



Offer an option to adjust the volume of the turn signal sounds since they are easily masked by music. Larger indicator arrows would be a plus!





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I agree, the new turn indicators are two small for my aging eyes! :-)
Either I've grown accustomed to the turn signal sound or Tesla has modified it over time.  As new owners my wife and I shot each other looks each time we activated the turn signals along the lines of 'why is it so loud and sharp sounding'. Over the many decades of driving and car ownership I've heard plenty of turn signals.  Some have been pleasant and unobtrusive while others have been annoying and loud.  The Tesla Model S seems to fall somewhere in the middle.  In the past the sound was generated due to a relay switch but modern automobiles like the Tesla should be using a solid state device which means the sound should be customizable.  While not a high priority this is something Tesla could improve. The visual aspect of an activated turn signal / emergency signal could also be made larger especially since its appearance is transient or at least is supposed to be.

A little fortuitous web searching resulted in this great history lesson on the automotive turn signal.

Very much agree that the turn signal indicators on the instrument display should be larger.

Would also suggest that a turn signal left on for more than XX minutes or YY miles of travel would either:

  • automatically turn-off


  • get audibly louder

  • and/or change tone

to remind you that it's been left engaged...

No Tesla should ever be driving down the road with a perpetual turn signal engaged due to driver error!

I am 74 years young, We are driving our 2nd Tesla. We simply love them. Remember old people drive too. Please make the turn signal circle indicators on the instrument display in front of steering wheel larger so they are easier to find and identify blinking. Sometimes you only have a fraction of a second to glimpse for safety reasons.
Perhaps a soft sound at first, then gets bolder once the car has gone a specific distance, or it has been on for several minutes?

prevent the case of people driving all the way to work with their turn signal on.
FYI, we have a 2017 MX and 2018 MS and the 2018 sound from the turn signals being on is louder and different. I think it's just a different relay noise.