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Adjustable Shoulder Belt Mounting Point (Implemented X)

Now Implemented!


Offer a vertical adjustment on the B-pillar shoulder belt mounting point.  This permits adjustment of the belt crossing the center of the chest.


Many luxury cars offer this (and some are motorized).


Now implemented on the Model X for the front seats.

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My wife has spontaneously commented to me that the seat belt mount height is uncomfortable for her and she would like to be able to adjust it.
My Lexus has this. It's one of those set it and forget it features. However it is important for driver comfort. The setting is stored with the drivers setting so it is always right when I get in no matter who was driving before me.
My wife does not like to drive the car because the seat belt is across her throat. Almost seems dangerous to me
I wonder if your wives should actually adjust their seat heights in the first place and then reevaluate if there is still a problem with the seat belt mounting.
I agree, this is a major irritant with my wife, we have solved it by adding seat belt extenders but that looks kinds mickey-mouse.
This is to be my car and it was the one thing that has kept me hesitating.  The seat belt catches me in the throat as well, although I was able to raise the seat height enough to make it less annoying.
My wife also found the shoulder belt position uncomfortably high. Problem ameliorated but not eliminated by raising the seat height.
I'm no one's wife, a guy.  This, in addition to inadequate bench rake, is another issue for we humans with longer inseams, and shorter torsos.  Bodies are built differently.  This isn't a gender issue.  I'm 6' and ordering a retainer clip, that combines the belts where they enter the buckle receptacle.  This little square slider doesn't require threading the belts, and extends the shoulder belt's ascent a little further toward the door, before it rises (taking it away from your throat).  Still, Tesla seems to have chosen a high point on the B-pillar.
As a petite female owner, I will say it takes some work on the seat adjustments, but you CAN get it right.  Might be annoying for the passenger, if all those adjustments are not saved as a profile.
What about the Model S owners?