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Add System Memory



Allow adding system memory by inserting a USB flash drive.


For new features requiring more storage/memory, maybe a large USB  drive could be inserted into one of the USB ports.  Flash drives are available at least 1TB now. That should store about anything.

A very cheap way to add memory for memory intensive features (download Google map files, voice recognition, etc.)

Moderator: Currently the car has 16-32 GB of memory, which seems to be sufficient for all the current features. Auto-pilot cars may have additional memory.



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Would be great to have a 2.5" drive bay where I chould either put a HDD or SSD. Would as well help to do trip planning by, if it was possible to "download" Google Maps data to the drive on the PC (much faster) for a defined country, area or route and then use it in the car without the need to download further maps.

Or I could store my entire music collection
A couple of slots to accept 200GB memory cards so one could import music or whatever and change out cards if needed. Cell phones do this.
My phone (Nokia N9) holds 64GB and can easily store all the car roads of all countries for its GPS maps.  This requires only a few miserable 10's of GB. Updates by air are only needed periodically, so that internet connectivity is not needed when travelling.  Why wouldn't a super smartphone like a Tesla S not have similar memory capacity, and even much more?