Add System Memory



Allow adding system memory by inserting a USB flash drive.


For new features requiring more storage/memory, maybe a large USB drive could be inserted into one of the USB ports. Flash drives are available at least 1TB now. That should store about anything.

A very cheap way to add memory for memory-intensive features (download Google map files, voice recognition, etc.)

Moderator: Currently the car has 16-32 GB of memory, which seems to be sufficient for all the current features. MCU2 jumped to 64 GB of memory.



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     Created 31-Mar-2015


My phone (Nokia N9) holds 64GB and can easily store all the car roads of all countries for its GPS maps.  This requires only a few miserable 10's of GB. Updates by air are only needed periodically, so that internet connectivity is not needed when travelling.  Why wouldn't a super smartphone like a Tesla S not have similar memory capacity, and even much more?
    Created 2-Dec-2015
A couple of slots to accept 200GB memory cards so one could import music or whatever and change out cards if needed. Cell phones do this.
    Created 22-Oct-2015