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Sentry Mode Detection of Camera Obstruction by Thief



Trigger the alarm system immediately if one or more cameras get obstructed while the car surrounding detects movement. Then send the phone notification of alarm because of the camera obstruction with suspicious movement detection.


Now that Tesla rolled out the Sentry Mode to most of its cars, it became known by some that when targeting a Tesla’s they likely will be recorded by its cameras.

To prevent the car to record the action, the burglars can use spray or tapes to block the camera sensors.

This feature could be disabled if the car external temperature is very low when for example snow might obstruct the cameras and other sensors.

Moderator: Yet to hear of such a problem actually occurring. Not sure thieves are that smart, but if so, I’d think they would wear a ski mask and avoid any recording risk.



(lightly edited by moderator)

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