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Tshow Part 3: Receiver Module

Receiver Module Parts

1 – 75176AP, Differential Bus Transceiver
1 – 1000 uF, 10v, Capacitor
1 – Resistor, 120 ohms, 1/4W
1 – Tshow Receiver Printed Circuit Board (zip file, Gerber)
1 – Plastic Printed 3D box 2″ x 1″ x 3/4″, with lid (see text)
1 – Small Tie wrap
1 – Small #2 x ¼” pan-head metal screw
2 – Small #2 x ½” pan-head metal screw

Receiver Parts

Receiver parts

Receiver Box

Print the box using 3dHubs, a printing service, or on your 3D printer. Any color should work, and I recommend 100 μm layers. Support might be necessary, but it may print without it.  Do not use PLA, as PLA may deform in the heat vehicles typically encounter. Use ABS or PETG. Download the STL file, which has both the box and lid in one file.

Receiver Module

Assemble the parts on the PCB. There are two sets of holes for the capacitor. Use the set to lay the capacitor on its side so it fits within the box. See the final assembly below.

The module will be attached to the T-badge assembly in a later step. The board fits into the 3D box, but for now, don’t screw it into the 3D box. You need to solder the wires to the T-Badge assembly in a later step before mounting it.

Receiver Assembled

Receiver assembled and mounted, with the lid removed

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Megabyte 18-Jun-2021 - 12:45 am

Am I missing a link to the Tshow Receiver Printed Circuit Board to be sent to one’s favourite PCB board fabricator?

Moderator 18-Jun-2021 - 9:00 am

Now included in the parts list.

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