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We’ve gathered a variety of useful sites relating to Tesla.  Start with the categories below. (Jul-2024 update)

The Tesla Site

Email to book a Fremont Factory Tour – Since COVID, factory tours have been suspended.  When they resume: Tesla vehicle owners are allowed to book a tour and can include up to 3 guests. Tours are available M-F, 10 am, 11 am, 2 pm, 3 pm. It is recommended to book at least 3 weeks in advance. In your email suggest several days/times that will work for you and include your vehicle’s VIN number.  It appears in Spring 2024 some tours have started up, but may require the redemption of referral points to gain access.

Apps of Interest

  • Cross-platform app for Tesla vehicles – Works on PC or Mac. Open source, API key stored locally (not on someone else’s server).
  • GlassTesla – Nice app for Google Glasses to communicate with the Model S
  • Model 3 Color Customizer – Pick any custom color and see how it might look
  • MP3diag  and MP3val – Scans your mp3 library for tag errors and fixes problems (two different utilities that each can find fix different issues)
  • OptiWatt – tracks electrical use and can adjust charging time dynamically based on vehicle use
  • Powerwall Manager app – With more status and options than the Tesla app
  • Sentry Keeper – Windows program to view Sentry videos, up to 8X, with other features
  • TeslaAssist – Control your car with cool 3D visualizations, and get various stats
  • Tesla Apps – Good collections of customizable apps including weather, RSS, Plugshare, calculator, etc.
  • TeslaCam Video File Player – Works in most browsers, no installation is needed
  • Tesla Explorer – Access to a car, raw data, and cool map replay travel app – iPhone only.
  • TeslaFi – Tracking new version installs, charging tracking, and more – paid service
  • Tesla Firmware Upgrade Tracker – See lots of info on who got the latest updates and specific versions
  • Tesla Lifestyle – Charging maps with Tesla owner nearby points of interest app for iOS
  • TeslaTags – Fixes USB id3 tags to show compilation albums with multiple artists as a single album on the Tesla Albums folder.
  • Tesla-Waze – Map with local traffic issues, police, and other details
  • Visible Tesla – Remote control app that runs on a Mac or PC  (TMC for more details)

Upcoming Events

Past Events

Forums, Social and Informational Sites

Local Owner’s Club Sites

Products, Accessories & Modification Services

  • Abstract Ocean – Model S accessories including screen protectors, FOB covers, and USB adapters
  • EVannex – Offers center consoles, lighting, cup-holders, and many other accessories (formally Teslaccessories)
  • EVChargeKing – European cables and Tesla port release kit
  • Exclusive Detail – “Six Reasons to get a full wrap!” Protection wraps for Tesla
  • ForMyTesla – Wheels, spoilers, and other products I haven’t seen elsewhere
  • Hansshow – Accessories such as steering wheels, lighting, frunk & trunk openers, and more.
  • Laadkabel – European charging connectors, cables, and related tools
  • Light Harmonic – High-end speakers specifically for Tesla
  • Orange – Charging systems for Multi-family and Apartments with Software management
  • RealDeal – Parts and programming for Tesla vehicles
  • Reus Audio Systems – Installs custom audio systems for the Model S and other exotics
  • RPM Tesla– Offers carbon fiber nose cone wraps and decals
  • T Sportline – Wheels, carbon fiber accents, interior accessories for the Models S
  • Tesla Parts Sell Buy – Facebook page for parts
  • TeslaPride – Offers cupholders, mugs, t-shirts, and more
  • Tinkla – Tinkering with Tesla, including OpenPilot to add AP1 to pre-AP1 cars
  • Topcars – Over 100 Accessories for the S/X/3/Y
  • TorkLift Central – Tow bar, magnetic cup holders, removable front license plate holder, and more
  • UMC-J1772 – Adapters including Tesla connector extension cables 40 and 80 amp versions
  • Unplugged – Performance tuning products for the Model S
  • Vossen Wheels – Wheels for the Model S

3D DIY Printed Accessories

Buying or Selling a Tesla

Making Money with your Car and Rebates

  • Ohmconnect pays you money to control your home charging. They may delay charging by up to an hour a few times a week to reduce the electrical grid load during unexpected peak usage. For the Tesla EV (and a few other EVs) no hardware is required. See the site for more details and free signup. Currently limited to select power company areas in the USA.
  • City of Pasadena – $1250 for new EV; $600 for L2 charger
  • City of Roseville – $400 for L2 charger (Roseville, California)
  • SCE Clean Fuel Rewards – $1,000-4,000 (Southern/Central California)
  • SJV Air Pollution Control District – $3,000 (Central Valley California, funding exhausted in 2023, but check current status)

Charging Locations

  • Alternative Fuels Data Center – USA only, specify a zip for a focused map. Limited search filtering by charging type.
  • ChargePoint – J1772 for pay chargers specific to the ChargePoint network. Free signup required to use chargers, but requires a $25 deposit.
  • EV Trip Planner – Tesla specific mapping for your model type as well as routing through Superchargers – Considers current traffic, temp, speed, and elevations!
  • Open Charge Map – A Google map of chargers shows Tesla Superchargers and others, with some filter options
  • PlugShare – Includes Tesla Superchargers
  • Supercharger Map – shows Superchargers in North America along with those under construction and those with permits

Safety Reports

  • NHTSA – USA Government Safety Ratings for all cars (enter manufacturer, model, and year)
  • IIHS – USA Insurance Industry Ratings for all cars (enter manufacturer and model)
  • NCAP – European Safety Ratings for cars sold in Europe


Fun & Interesting Videos and Posts

Clever Tesla Video Ads

Most videos were created by fans, with those marked with “*” created by Tesla.

Cool Documentary Movies

Electric Car Information

Engineering Topics

Other Elon Musk Ventures

  • Neuralink – Developing implantable high-speed brain-computer interfaces.
  • OpenAI – A non-profit artificial intelligence (AI) research company, although Elon stepped off the board in February 2018.
  • SpaceX (Space Exploration Technologies) – Designs, manufactures, and launches rockets and spacecraft.
  • SolarCity – Develops and installs solar panels and solar roofs. Elon was an investor and chairman. SolarCity was acquired by Tesla in 2016.
  • The Boring Company – Developing low-cost urban tunnels for underground vehicle traffic.
  • X (Twitter) – A free social networking site, acquired in October 2022 and renamed X in August 2023.