Map Zoom Controls


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Offer easy ways to zoom the map in and out.


Perhaps the right scroll wheel could control the zoom in and out of the map if it is highlighted on the 17″ display. It is pretty common to zoom in or out based on what you need to see and it would be quicker and safer to have this as an option on the wheel rather than only controlled on the screen.


Pinch to zoom was added in v5.8, and in v10, voice controls such as “Zoom In” or “Zoom Out” were added.  In addition, some automatic zooming occurs based on speed.

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     Created 4-Dec-2013


Really would be nice if the scroll wheel was "active" to what ever app was up and running on the 17" screen. If it was the nav system, you could zoom, scroll, etc. If it was music, you could fast forward, mute, volume up & down.
Phone, you can scroll up & down the contact list, enter call / mute.
Personally, it is dangerous to take your eyes of the road to look at the screen, let alone your hand off the wheel, just to touch the screen!
It is a computer first and foremost, a car second.
    Created 22-May-2016
This is exactly what would increase the usability and safety of the SatNav.

I am surprised that such a logical and straightforward enhancement isn't  part of the car. This idea is over 2 years old and I missed this function after two weeks of owning an S.
    Created 21-Jan-2016
The map response is so slow that I actually think this is a bad idea. If the map ever gets to be a reasonable speed then perhaps this should be revisited.
    Created 5-May-2015
Then you'd loose the call functionality of the right wheel which I find more useful when i can pinch or expand with two fingers.
    Created 2-Apr-2015
Love this idea.  If auto zoom would work with direction up instead of always North up, it may do the same thing.  I would like the option to control zoom from the thumbwheel though.
    Created 31-Mar-2015
Auto-zoom based on speed and nearness to navigation points would be good too.   Navigation points are aided by the speedometer display so perhaps that's less important, but speed-sensitive auto-zoom would save some manual fiddling.
    Created 23-Nov-2014
Awesome idea.  Would improve safety!
    Created 30-Dec-2013