More Wiper Control Buttons


Now Implemented!


For cars with wiper controls on the display, add more direct controls with long-press and taps to control different functions directly.

So when you have 2 buttons, let say top and bottom, it can work like this: press the bottom button and it will wipe once. Press and hold the bottom button it will get water on the windshield. Press the top button once to turn on wipers for the first speed and then pressing the top button again will increase speed (with 5 different speed settings). Now to lower your speed of wipers just press the bottom button until the wipers are turned off. Turning on and off automatic wipers can be done by pressing both buttons at once.


Moderator: Tesla seems more oriented towards making wiper controls fully automatic.


Tesla has removed the wiper stalk with the mid-2021 S/X and added additional wiper options that are selectable with the left scroll wheel. Not exactly what was asked for in this desired feature, but provides much of what is wanted.

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     Created 17-Jan-2021


I think that this would improve the safety of drivers while driving. instead of looking over at the screen to change speeds you could press the button a different amount of times to have the blades go different speeds
    Created 31-Mar-2021