Vent Car If Hot


Now Implemented!


Have an option to automatically crack the windows and/or sunroof if the car interior exceeds a high-temperature threshold.


The windows could close automatically if the car detects rain. This would be great for the interior, keep the temperature down without the need to run the fan and/or ac.

Moderator: This may have a small safety and security issue.


Version 8.0 added a new feature to automatically run the HVAC if inside temperatures exceed 105 degrees. While not identical to the requested feature, but accomplishes a similar goal of keeping the car from getting too hot.

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     Created 28-Mar-2015


I would be in favor of having the sunroof tilt/crack open to vent.
    Created 13-Jul-2015
In Florida summers I often crack the roof vent when parked in sun. Can be an issue if it rains but can close with phone app.
    Created 3-Jul-2015
at least have this as an option in the phone app so it can be done remotely (or windows left vented can be remotely closed in event of rain)
    Created 3-Jun-2015
Or at least an option to crack all the windows to say 1/2 inch or an inch.  I find the window controls to be a little touchy and quite often the window wants to go all the way down. An option akin to the Sunroof control would be great.
    Created 22-May-2015
Cool!  This idea could reduce the need for electricity to cool down the car, while keeping the rain out!  This idea could be revolutionary if Tesla considers having this as an option.
    Created 28-Mar-2015