Wearable App from Tesla



Have Tesla offer a wearable app with much of the functionality of the Tesla phone app.


The problem & feature request

I’d like to see a Wearable Apps for Tesla, officially from Tesla (right now Smartwatch are the best focus). It’s great to have a Smartphone App to access the Tesla Model S, however, it’s very cumbersome to get your phone from your pocket just to turn on A/C, or to Honk or check the charge status. It’s much easier to see it on your wrist.

My Pebble App

I wrote a nice Pebble App: see this video.

First, a bit about what I did. It uses the Tesla API to control your Tesla. It will allow you to do things like the following:

  • Turn on/off A/C (or car pre-heating in winter)
  • See indoor and outdoor temperature
  • Start/stop charging
  • See battery status, possible range and charge rate + cost information
  • Lock your car
  • Honk the horn
  • Flash the lights

The problem is, I can’t spend a lot of time on it. However, it’s open-sourced so if someone wants to continue where I left it, they’re totally welcome to do so. Find it in the Pebble store and on Github here.

I don’t have time to maintain the app, let alone write both a Pebble, Android Wear, and Apple Watch app and handle feature requests. That’s why I want to ask Tesla to create a better version for several platforms. They could even hire other developers to do a more Tesla Worthy version (although I do enjoy using my Tesla WristApp a lot)!

Feasibility and economics

Hyundai has developed BlueLink (video). It allows you to do the above and more.

BMW is offering a Smartphone app + Android Wear for the i3 that seamlessly integrates. Car, Smartphone, Wearables are all in sync like they’re supposed to. CES 2014 video of official app on Wear/Gear.



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     Created 28-Jan-2015


Apple has announced that any app currently in the app store will be available on the Apple Watch, just in an easy-to-use format.
    Created 28-Mar-2015
I've heard that it will be one of the first apps available for the Apple Watch.  My next toy :)
    Created 23-Mar-2015
Tesla Apple watch app exists now.

    Created 1-Feb-2015