Watch Web/USB Video in Park


Now Implemented!


Currently, viewing videos on the Tesla Web browser is not supported. I don’t think there is a way to play videos stored on a USB memory. When the car is in PARK, it should allow flash and video-enabled on the web browser as well as show multiple video formats from the USB memory or even from a smartphone via Bluetooth. It can be programmed to be disabled when the car is put into N, R, or D.


This could be a trivial software change if Tesla has access to the Browser code, or it might be close to impossible without access.


Implemented (mostly): For S/X with MCU2 and for all Model 3/Y, it now offers the ability to view Netflix, Hulu, and YouTube while parked. V10 (Oct-2019).  With the mid-2021 S/X, the rear seat passengers can also watch videos while driving.

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     Created 1-Feb-2013


I can play videos through the browser but it’s not a simple task. To do that nowadays you need to have a device that can create a wireless server, then host a HTTP website that will stream the video to the car, however the video component of the browser is not available, to workaround I convert the video to canvas images and use websocket to send the stream to the car browser and it render in the canvas using animationFrame. It worked but the version 9 can’t fullscreen the browser, the audio I send using Bluetooth. It was fun to do, but way easier just to use my iPad as screen with higher resolution and refresh rate, and the car speakers while I’m parked charging the car.
    Created 30-Jan-2019
In these days of HTML 5, Flash is no longer a requirement for playing audio or video. I can understand that using the data connection for this is not intended or unsuitable. I can imagine that it would work on wifi only. Alternatively, a separate app could be developed for YouTube, Vimeo, etc. offering playback outside of the web browser.
    Created 30-Aug-2018
The current browser is very slow, perhaps because of the LTE connection.  For videos to be useful, would have to have a buffer.  Entertainment while charging...I like the idea, but not at these browser speeds.
    Created 30-Apr-2017
Could be even more of a beneficial 'feature' so that video ads could be 'forcibly' displayed while you get a 'discounted' charge at a SuperCharger.... Since the new cars no longer include free unlimited supercharging....

Time to starting thinking like Google --- "Free, but at a cost."
    Created 29-Apr-2017
would be a nice feature. excepted for flash, it has been banned on a lot of websites because of serious security concern and usability issues.

youtube for example has been playing video without flash for years now.
    Created 6-Apr-2017
Will it ever be possible to play You Tube videos when in park, since this platform doesn't support flash???  I would love to have a choice to view stuff when I am not driving...
    Created 31-Dec-2013
Allshare, DNLA, and air cast should be added for viewing streaming audio and video from a mobile device to the center display and speakers while parked...
    Created 4-Dec-2013
Surely Tesla has access to the browser code.
    Created 7-May-2013