Slowdown Alert For Lane Change



When using AP and approaching a slower car, have an audible warning like “in 2 seconds the car will start slowing down” so you can consider changing to another lane. This could be done by a small green/yellow/red indicator under the “max speed” sign. Green for no obstacles, yellow for “will slow down soon”, red for “slowing down now”


When driving in Europe, you must always be in the right-most lane on highways. When using autopilot, it will slow down long before reaching the car in front of you, when it may be better to switch lanes and avoid slowing down.

Moderator: Likely FSD will negate this need and the car will do the lane change automatically.



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     Created 31-Mar-2017


You are supposed to be paying attention, so I see no need for this. Just watch and decide for yourself.
    Created 2-Aug-2017
system should recognize slower or stopped vehicle a 100 yards out and start slowing gradually, and beep. it scares the hell out of a passenger when driving 70mph and brakes only apply suddenly and violently in last 100 feet.
    Created 1-May-2017
highly recommended!
    Created 2-Apr-2017