Wall Charger 10KW


Now Implemented!


This 10 KW, lower cost, wall charger is designed for vehicles with a single charger. The cable would be thinner, lighter, and cheaper to produce, and perhaps this model would have a shorter cable (10ft) to further reduce costs.


While the existing 20 KW High-Power Wall Charger works for all cars, it is quite pricy and has double the needed capacity for vehicles that can’t use more than 10 KW. The High Power Wall Charger retails for $1200, so perhaps the lower power model would be close to half the cost – perhaps $700.


We are going to consider this implemented. The Gen3 wall charger is limited to 11.5 kW, and uses a thinner more flexible cable, and only costs $500.

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     Created 8-Dec-2012


This is called "the UMC" and is shipped with every Model S.  :)

You can pay for a second UMC if you want.  You can now buy a $25 cable mount to hold the cable and hold the end from the Tesla online shop.

It costs the same amount or less to wire in a 14-50 outlet as it does for a dedicated charger.  And you can take the UMC with you when/if you move.
    Created 30-Dec-2013
My NEMA 14-50 cost me $400 installed in my garage. I think the installation costs would be similar for either the HPWC currently available or a new one for single charger vehicles. If I purchase another mobile connector from Tesla for $500, that would basically serve as my permanent home charging unit.  Since I rarely charge outside my home, I haven't yet felt a need for another mobile connector cord. I have it coiled up on the wall with cheap J hook from Amazon.


    Created 1-Feb-2013
Having built a number of custom EVSE for Teslas including my own, you would only save about $100 or so. The cable and contactor are the only two things that would be cheaper, and they wouldn't save you much.
    Created 31-Jan-2013
That's about right. It would have a nice hook to coil the cord and would have some kind of mounting bracket. I notice the mobile charger is not an item for sale (at least in the shop as of Jan-2013).
    Created 8-Jan-2013
Basically this would just be a mobile charger that was hardwired on a 50A circuit and mounted on the wall.
    Created 7-Jan-2013