Voice Navigate to Contact



Navigate to any name in your contacts list by using a voice command.


To minimize unintended consequences of always including the Contacts list in the search for “Navigate to” or “Where is”, I suggest making this voice command “Navigate to Contact X”, where X is the contact name. Else the current functionality of searching the internet for restaurants etc. may many wrong hits.

To make it really useful, the feature needs to bring up a list of possible matches when it can’t find a correct match in your contacts based on the spelling of the name it comes up with from your voice.

There is a tedious workaround that can show you how well the feature might work: navigate using touchscreen from a contact, cancel the navigation, then add that recent one to the “navigation” favorites list, changing the name of the favorite to the contact name, which of course you have to do manually. Once you have taken all of those steps, you can absolutely “Navigate to X” for that contact name, IF it can get the spelling correct.



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     Created 6-Nov-2018