HomeLink Voice Commands



Have HomeLink voice controls.




As of May-2021, the Open/Close Garage Door command is recognized, but not implemented yet.  You can voice “HomeLink” to have the HomeLink menu appear.


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     Created 3-May-2014


Great idea. The automatic open feature of 8.1 doesn't work for me at distances greater than 30 feet. Set farther away than 30 feet opens the door 6 inches and stops it -- worse than nothing at all. A voice command would make it easy to open the door from a distance. Pushing the HomeLink on the touch screen works farther away, but it's a royal pain to do it, and it's so difficult to hit it while moving that it's not really safe.
    Created 16-Jun-2018
I agree!!!.

I want to be able to say- "call Bob, on cell" and it places the call, not show my contacts!
I would also like to be able to say- "Heat up", "Heat down", "Audio, mute"
You get my point.

Ha, want so bad,,, I posted to my own post.
Please, pretty PLEASE - Give it to us-----------
    Created 2-May-2016
Lets hope that some where in the future, we can do more things by voice commands.
I'd like to be able to:
"Call xx', on cell - home phone
"Climate" up / down
"Headlights" on / off
"Volume" up/ down
"Door Locks" open / close
"Trunk" open / close

Personally, I am not sure about the costs for a system that will work as good as the Siri or Google.
When the navigation system on the Tesla loses it's little mind, I usually turn to my Android phone.
"Google" navigate to I-75, from my location
Works every time
    Created 1-Jan-2016
If they are not going to make the button huge and easy to hit, this would be an good alternative. we should not have to fiddle with the screen as we are pulling into the driveway.

I was going to send this in as a feature request, but it's already here. ;)
    Created 3-May-2014
Good idea
    Created 3-May-2014