Vehicle Age & Model Update List


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Offer a revision list for changes and updates based on VIN.


With the many different models and years, it would be helpful to be able to verify the updates that my S should have, most likely through the VIN number. As others talk about getting updates that may or may not apply to my S, such as I have a Sep-2016 Model S but do not have the “H” sign on the dash indicating Hold at a light or hill, but it seems that others with early models have this. Getting info from Tesla has been sporadic and would be easier to get it myself if was I has access to the information.


While not a perfect match to the requested feature, you can use our VIN decoder for some information such as the year. The manufacturing date appears on a label visible when you open the driver’s door.  Tesla added more details by going to Controls -> Software. You can get more details about the current software version, check for updates, and hardware installed.

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I’m not sure what utility this info has.

I’ve been disappointed with most of the sw updates. I got my car expecting a regular roll-out of new ninja skills like a real ‘summon.’ Instead I get things like Atari games.
    Created 2-Dec-2018