Valet Informational Display



Add an optional Valet Informational Display whenever Valet Mode is active.

The concept is, the vehicle has been placed into a limited access mode and perhaps someone not familiar with MS/MX will become responsible for locking and driving the vehicle. Most settings and options will not be needed by the driver when Valet Mode is in operation. As such, if the main section of the main display presented an informational display such as TeslaTap’s Valet page, it would enhance what Tesla has already provided. The driver could easily still click the “x” in the upper corner or press outside of this display to dismiss the Valet Informational Display as may be needed — just as with any other screen.


This display could include:

  1. Vehicle location is monitored. Performance capabilities are disabled.
  2. Basic Steps for Driving
  3. Basic Steps for Lock & Unlock
  4. Thank you for taking care of my xxx! (where “xxx” is whatever kind of car this is — Tesla programmers can get as fancy as they want to there :))



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     Created 17-Oct-2015