Remember Last Controls Page



Rather than always opening to Quick Controls, remember the last selected page and when controls are tapped, return to that page.


Previous to Version 9 Software, whatever page you had open in Controls was remembered. In Version 9, you always get the Quick Controls screen.

I quite often want to see the Trips page during a trip so I can see all of the Odometers, only 3 or the 4 can be shown on the Driver’s console (Model S). I now have to take the time to select Trips after I open Controls. This takes my eyes off the road for longer than they should with an extra step to get there.

What I would really like is to show 4 trip odometers at once on the driver’s console as there seems to be plenty of room.



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     Created 31-Oct-2018


I agree with the current behavior: I want to always get the quick controls in one touch.
    Created 1-Dec-2018
The Quick Controls screen is a blessing (no longer need to deal with "is it controls or settings").  The value is in being able to IMMEDIATELY go to the area of interest when selecting Quick Controls.  The "Trips" is a helpful display which provides data to data hungry drivers (me included), and I think it's able to be displayed quite nicely.
    Created 31-Oct-2018