User Manual Searchable


Now Implemented!


Offer the ability to search the in-car manual along with an index.


After the first read, the most useful part of the User Manual is the Index – especially important when trying to find a setting, and for looking up more obscure but very useful features you want to get just right.

The index is a LONG list, and the only way to search it is by manually swiping.

It would be very useful if it could have:

  • A Search Bar
  • Alphabetical Tabs (for quick search)
  • Page up / down buttons


The v10 software includes multiple manuals in the car. Each manual has a selectable index and search.

(voting combined from a close duplicate that has been removed)

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     Created 22-Jan-2015


Also allowing simple voice commands to identify the item in the manual of interest will allow quick access without needing to pay attention to the screen while manually scrolling for the area of interest.
    Created 2-Mar-2019
I think the owner’s manual might be a better product if it was implemented as a wiki and opened to public content.

I have no idea what liabilities might arise.

I do know that the manual has answered few of my actual questions. I’ve done better going to the user forum and YouTube.
    Created 1-Dec-2018
Great idea! Fairly simple software change.
    Created 3-Apr-2018

PS: The inconsistent use of upper and lower case entries makes the manual look like editing was outsourced to a 3-rd grade classroom. Tidy it up!!!!
    Created 1-Nov-2015
This additional feature applied to the Owners Manual would be very helpful.
    Created 1-Nov-2015