Blind Spot Camera View Only for Lane Changes



Only display the blindspot camera view when using the turn signal while moving. When stopped, hide the view.


As implemented, the side pillar camera comes on with an inset video on the display when the left or right turn signal is on – if you enable this feature on new cars.

I would like yet another option to only use this option for lane changes.  For example, I don’t need it when I’m sitting at a stoplight waiting to make a turn. I find I’m almost always swiping it away.



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     Created 31-Jan-2022


Having the blind spot camera image is helpful when stationary and attempting to leave a parallel parking spot.
    Created 1-Oct-2022
In places with many cyclists/2-wheelers the rearview camera is useful even when turning at corners. I’d rather have the image higher up the screen with a kind of warning or

visual indication if something is detected!
    Created 6-Aug-2022
Annoying - perhaps. I can't tell if your comment is sarcastic...

Use of turn signals are required by law, even if you are in a turn only lane, in many jurisdictions.  The California Vehicle Code, for example, does not make any exemptions for required use of turn signals in dedicated lanes:,by%20the%20vehicle%20before%20turning.

    Created 1-Feb-2022
Not sure why people think they need their turn signal on when you are sitting at a stop sign/light in a left/right turn lane??  Being in the turn lane should be indication enough that you are turning.  I actually don't like to see that blinking light when I'm behind someone in a turn lane - it's just annoying - turn it off - I know you are turning!!
    Created 1-Feb-2022