USB Music UI Improvements



Improve the USB music UI:

  • The sort should be case insensitive, so “Pink Floyd”, “pink floyd”, “pink Floyd” appear as the same.
  • Option to play all songs from an artist across multiple albums, as it used to be in V5 software.
  • When multiple artists attributed, spilt them up – “A.R.Rahman;M.I.A” should be double listed under “A.R.Rahman” and “M.I.A”.





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     Created 30-May-2020


I upvote the change from sorting on "Artist" to "Album artist". This really would sort things out.

As it is today, collection albums with tracks from multiple artists must not be added, as they completely mess up the artist list, getting a lot of artists with only one track each.
    Created 1-Nov-2020
I have restructured my MP3 librairy with TagScanner (excellent free software and easy to use) for my Tesla USB stick.

Anyway, After restructuring my library I found that MP3 software players needs to use the proper tags to offer a proper browsing which Tesla software doesn't use them properly.

The browsing by albums needs to use the "Album" and "Album Artist" tags to sort them, not the "Artist" tag. Using thoses tags, you endup having one single "Pulp Fiction Soundtrack" album from "Various Artists". Then, the browsing by artists needs to use the "Artist" and "Album" tags to sort them. Using thoses tags, you end up having "The Tornados" in "Pulp Fiction Soundtrack" album.

Tesla UI uses the "Artist" tags in the album view instead of the "Album Artist", this is why Tesla shows up multiple "Pulp Fiction Soundtrack" albums, one for each distinct "Artist" tag instead of the single "Album Artist" common value "Various Artists". The artists browsing is ok though.

This is a very simple correction that can easily be done.


    Created 17-Jul-2020
The first and third point can be easily corrected manually by opening the whole USB drive in the freeware program Mp3Tag which makes it very easy to inspect and correct id3 tags for a whole collection. Recommended.

Upvote for the second point.
    Created 3-Jun-2020