USB-C High-Power Ports


Now Implemented!


Provided USB-C style high-power phone charging ports.


(Originally suggested by Clemens, but split off to keep individual features separate)


Implemented on the Model 3 and Y around 2020.  Implemented on the Model S and X with the mid-2021 release.

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     Created 2-Jan-2018


The USB-C high power charge can be used to fast charge Android phones and Macbook and other laptops. Definitely a nice addition as it allows fast phone charging and others can use it for laptop charging on long trips/when needed. I prefer it over just an adapter for USB-C cables.

Also USB-C can support USB-PD and Quick Charge specs. This allows Qualcomm specific phones to quickly charge and PD for Pixel phones and other devices that utilize Power Delivery standard. Totally different standard.
    Created 3-Jun-2018
Thanks for splitting to make it more clear. USB-C needs not necessarily the high power but it makes sense to provided USB Sockets for fast charge and inductive charge. So there might be an additional split:

- USB high power (and voltage) sockets (change of electronics in the center console required)

- USB C cable (which is an easy addon as only a special length cable has to be moulded)
    Created 2-Jan-2018