Unlock Driver Door Only


Now Implemented!


Currently using the FOB or walk-up unlock, all four doors unlock. Have an option to select which doors will open with the key FOB and walk-up unlock. The ultimate would allow four options such as driver’s door only, front doors only, both driver’s side doors, or all doors open.


The option for driver’s door only is a commonly offered option on other cars as an included feature (i.e. no cost).


Implemented in 7.1 software.

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     Created 20-May-2014


This is a necessary safety feature. Luckily, I live in the Pacific Northwest where crime rate is not that bad; otherwise it would be a major concern
    Created 22-Nov-2015
I agree this manner of opening all four handles is unsafe. Who knows if someone is hiding on the passenger side??

Option to present JUST the driver's door, if the driver approaches first, or if he/passenger approaches the right side first, present just the right front door handle. Maybe the handle mechanisms will last a bit longer if they aren't cycling so much??

Press the unlock button twice, will present BOTH driver and the passenger door handles.
    Created 29-Jul-2015
Consideration of this feature should be classified as a safety enhancement without a doubt.
    Created 2-Dec-2014
This is a potential safety issue and one of the few things I think needs to be a priority (along with Valet/Guest driving mode)
    Created 2-Dec-2014
I actually made this point in an email to a Tesla store manager back in March 2014, but I haven't heard any response on it yet. My suggestion for how it could work was one or more of the following, potentially user-configurable:

  1. Approaching the driver door unlocks (and presents, if enabled) only the driver door. Approaching the passenger door unlocks (and presents) all doors.

  2. Approaching the driver door unlocks (and presents) only the driver door. Pressing on the driver door handle immediately after it presents unlocks and presents all other doors.

  3. Approaching the driver door unlocks (and presents) only the driver door. Pressing the unlock sequence on the key fob unlocks and presents all doors.

    Created 19-Oct-2014
I could find this useful if a double click opens drivers door and a triple click opens all four doors.
    Created 10-Jul-2014