Unlock Button on Display


Now Implemented!


Add an always available button to unlock and present door handles to the main screen.


Unlocking the door for a passenger means several clicks to get to the control screen or unlocking the driver’s door. I would like to see a simple unlock button at the top of the screen. Better, make several buttons programmable. “soft buttons” (i.e. How often does the backup camera button get used?)

Currently the Park button can be used to unlock and present the door handles, so it may not be necessary to add another button to the screen.


A lock/unlock icon/button is available in the top functions bar.

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     Created 28-Apr-2014


Please fix this to make it driver friendly. I agree that the diver should have button to make the choice.
    Created 22-Oct-2015
Available in v7.0
    Created 16-Oct-2015
When the car is stopped, or parked, pressing the Park button on the drive selector stalk extends the handles, as per Volker's suggestion - so I guess this request is "Implemented".
    Created 7-Apr-2015
No automatic transmission car out there unlocks the doors when it is put into park and I don't know of any that turn on the interior lights, so why does a Tesla do this?

Pressing Park when the car his in park already however should turn the lights on and present the handles.
    Created 6-Apr-2015
Just put the car in Park and the handles will present to the passenger.
    Created 2-Apr-2015
The problem with the Park button is that it only extends the handles once, when it actually goes into park. After a minute, the handles are retracted again, and pressing the Park button again does not have any effect, the handles stay retracted.

IMO the best solution to this would be to extend the handles (again/always) whenever the Park button is pressed, regardless whether the car is already in park or not.
    Created 23-Jun-2014
Not everyone knows that you can press the handles to present them (but the car must be unlocked for this to work). Turning of driveaway locking makes it possible for passengers to extend the handles themselves, but people that do not know the car just stand there until I manually unlock.
    Created 5-May-2014
This is a constant issue. The only way, other than going through the control screen, I have found to let people in who don't know to press the handles is to open the driver's door.
    Created 4-May-2014
I  totally agree. It would be a wonderful feature to have a programmable, user only button. I could imagine that Tesla limits this to only a few options like ambient lighting or closing/opening the trunk.
    Created 3-May-2014