Better Mirror Unfold Control


Now Implemented!


When the outdoor handles present, leave the mirrors folded.

Competitive/Pricing/Notes Shouldn’t cost anything. Strictly software.

The latest software update links the unfolding of the outside rearview mirror on Auto handle present. Previously, the mirror would unfold only if the doors were opened. Now, every time I walk by the car in the garage the mirrors come out which causes an undesired obstacle. In the short term, I have shut off the door handle auto-present.


An update in 2019 provides location-aware folding, which solves the issue in a more elegant way.

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     Created 1-Nov-2017


With the latest firmware upgrade, the mirror fold/unfold is now GPS controlled, which solves the problem of walking up to the car and having the mirrors unfold automatically in the garage.
    Created 3-May-2019
I have a narrow garage so I fold the side view mirrors (I presume this is what you mean - not the rear view mirror) before entering the garage and they stay folded until I manually unfold them.  This works for me since they don't automatically unfold while approaching the car with my fob and can back out without accidentally hitting the garage door opening with the mirrors.

The car remembers if you manually fold the mirrors and will keep them folded until you either manually unfold them from the driver's door button or you drive 30 mph and they will automatically unfold.

If you keep your mirrors unfolded when pulling into the garage, the software will remember that last setting and automatically unfold the mirrors when approaching the car.  So if you want the mirrors to stay folded when walking into the garage, fold them when pulling in and they will remember that last setting.
    Created 4-Jun-2018
I agree with this 100%! What a pain this is to have the mirrors unfold every time I walk by. It didn't used to be like that. It seems like it would also cause the hardware to wear out quicker.
    Created 1-Jun-2018