Turn on Climate Without Car Waking [+2 workarounds]


Workaround options:

  1. enable sentry mode to keep the car awake or
  2. lock/unclock car from the app; this seems to wake up the car within a few seconds. (I think this probably probably only works when in bluetooth range.)


Send the Turn on Climate command from the phone app to the car without waiting for the vehicle to wake from sleep. (Sentry mode can prevent the car from sleeping, but that can seem like a waste of power for a car sitting in a home garage.)


It can take 30 seconds or more for my car to awake and for the app to take commands. I’d like to be able to send a command (eg: turn on climate) which would be processed once the car wakes up. If the command times-out or fails for some other reason, send me a notification on my phone/app.



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     Created 23-Oct-2020