No Seat Belt Chime




Disable the seat belt not attached chime when driving at low speeds or when the door is open.


The seat belt alarm is annoying and unnecessary when the car speed is very low (5 mph) and especially unnecessary when the car is stopped and the doors are open. Every time I go home I stop the car at the mailbox, drive 100 yards to home. In this interval and until I get out of the car the seat belt alarm is on, which is clearly unfit.

Moderator: This may be a federal regulation and is not something Tesla can bypass. I’m not aware of any recent vehicle that has this feature.


We’ve closed this out as we do not believe the idea is legal, at least in the USA.

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     Created 1-Aug-2016


Yes, please. Do like Mercedes and do not bother us when moving the car half a meter inside the garage or in the driveway. No beeps before over a few km/h.
    Created 27-May-2020
It wouldn't take much effort to set a speed dependant threshold and a frequency sequence for the chimes.

ERGO, at five miles an hour, three low toned chimes, then stop.

Wait for a period of time, then if at five plus miles an hour, chime again, three tones just a little louder and so forth.
    Created 31-Mar-2017
The chime starts immediately.  What annoys me most is the chime continues after I get out of the car for several seconds, which is disturbing the neighborhood at night for nothing.
    Created 4-Oct-2016
The chime doesn't start until you reach a ceratin speed, does it? Anyway, I always buckle up even for the less than 100 yards from my mailbox to my driveway, because although I know I can travel that distance without going in the ditch, other drivers may still hit me at break neck speeds. Speed limit seem to be taken as a minimum speed around here. :-(
    Created 4-Oct-2016
Agreed. I don't feel the need to buckle up if I'm moving my car from the garage out to the carport. Or moving one car to make room for the other in the garage.
    Created 1-Aug-2016