Option for No Regenerative Braking



Have an option to disable regenerative braking, for owners who are unable to adapt to one-pedal driving.


The current regenerative braking is making my passengers car sick. The car needs an option to simulate a normal automatic transmission car: when you let your foot off the accelerator it coasts it does not immediately brake. The ride will be much less jerky and passengers will appreciate it.

Moderator: It is likely such an option would significantly reduce the range.  Most owners adapt fairly quickly, but perhaps not all owners can.  A few other EVs include reduced or no regeneration options, but may have to be activated on every drive to retain EPA eMPG numbers.



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     Created 2-Oct-2022


I think what you want is sort of an option

Controls > Pedals & Steering > Regenerative Breaking > Low
    Created 30-May-2023
Feather the throttle for coast.
    Created 18-Apr-2023
Misuse of regen can greatly reduce range. More power is lost with regen on the freeway in the mountains than gained when going down and then uphill when you do not want to car to slow down at all. Best to be able to turn off in many cases. Let the owner decide what they want. Ever hear "customer is always right"?
    Created 7-Mar-2023
At least new cars should get the option of the Reduced regen like the old cars have.

This is even more important in the winter than just for comfort:
1. For not slipping on icy roads

2. For avoiding rusted brake discs in areas where the roads are salted in the winter half year.
    Created 3-Mar-2023
If you don't fully lift off the accelerator pedal the braking is softer
    Created 3-Mar-2023
It needs to be able to be defeated when driving in snow or ice, slippery conditions.
    Created 1-Feb-2023
formosa64 - doesn't your Tesla offer two regenerative braking modes, Standard and Reduced?  Have you tried Reduced?  And Reduced is still too aggressive for your passengers?
    Created 1-Nov-2022