Turn Control Enhancement



On the turn signal stalk, when you hold the control (before the indent) more than 3 “blinks” keep it going with a minimum of 6 blinks total.


The current turn control has three selections depending on how long or hard you lift or depress the control: 1) A short tap will cause 3 blinks, this is good for lane changes. 2) A slightly longer selection without passing the detent will blink as long as you hold the control either up (right turn) or down (left turn). 3) And finally pushing past the detent will lock the turn indicator on until you either manually put it back to neutral or you complete the turn.

Often times I find that if I hold the turn control just a little too long I don’t get 3 blinks but only one or two. This is irritating. In addition, there are times when 3 blinks are not enough and 5 or 6 would be better in which case I have to hold the turn indicator for that time.

My suggestion is to modify the control SW so that in case (2) above the SW always tags at least 3 extra blinks onto the end of however many you have manually held it for. Thus for example, if you hold the turn control for 3 blinks and let go you would get 3 more before the turn indicator stopped blinking.

This would eliminate the one or two blink case because if you hold the control just a bit too long the SW will add 3 more blinks automatically.

Case (1) and (3) would remain unchanged.



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     Created 1-Sep-2015


A more intuitive modification would be to only blink when the control is active.  I find it distressing when I hit the turn signal control by accident when I intend to adjust the cruise control and it keeps blinking after I release the wrong control.
    Created 2-Sep-2015
for the car with the biultin camera, it should be able to auto-detect that you are changing lane and keep the indicator active until compleat
    Created 2-Sep-2015
I would also add that if you do the three blinks and try to do another right away for another lane change that it does not recognize it and will give either zero or one only.  I think that is a safety issue
    Created 1-Sep-2015