TuneIn Premium Option


Now Implemented!


Similar to Slacker, allow an owner to use their own TuneIn Premium account.


From TuneIn: “Unfortunately, the TuneIn Premium subscription service is currently only available on our website, tunein.com, and on iOS and Android mobile devices. We plan to extend this to more devices in the future. We apologize for this inconvenience.” (April 2017)


Implemented in 2019.  Currently with v10 software, on the left side, select “Login”. You can even create your own personal free account and use that.

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     Created 1-Jul-2018

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I have found that it is not possible to use your own TuneIn credentials, whether you have TuneIn premium or not. Service center was not able to do it, TuneIn support say they have lots of complaints and don’t know whether there is anything to fix on their side. I forwarded this to the Tesla national support center, and they agreed to escalate it to the development team. All they gotta do is set up a test with TuneIn folks watching the other end of the login, should be able to fix whatever it is.

Anyone else able to log into your personal TuneIn account in the Tesla?
    Created 1-Dec-2018