Better Trunk Open Warning



Provide a stronger warning when the trunk is open and backing up.


I was ready to back out of the garage. My wife closed the trunk lid, heard a beep (as did I) and we started to back up. Noticed (what I thought was the driveway complete with the two white stripes) and turned to look out the back window. The screen showed the car with a yellow glow where the trunk was. The trunk lid was up and it hit the garage door frame – very slightly but enough to cause $7,800 damage.

The rearview camera was actually looking at the open garage door that looked like a driveway in the early evening. The trunk lid was not open on the screen as when any of the doors are open – it just showed a yellow glow that meant nothing to me. The rear window can be open or closed – you can’t tell the difference from the driver’s seat.



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     Created 3-Jun-2015


I am not the only one to back out of garage with rear hatch open.  Bent the rear hatch on garage door frame.  Expensive mistake that could have been avoided with a audible warning
    Created 1-Jul-2020
This happened to me too. I am hearing impaired and did not realize my trunk lid was open, going in the garage I hit the door frame. Confusing that with cardboard box I thought I ran over, I backed up and rammed my open trunk lid into the garage door frame. Entire trunk lid had to be replaced. Seems to me a better open door warning system could be implemented.
    Created 1-Jan-2019
Same for open frunk; I started driving one day and mistook the frunk open chime for the seat belt warning (I had by bag in the back seat). As I reached ~40kph the frunk flew open!

Flashing the screens wildly would be a good indicator that something potentially critical is about to hapen.
    Created 11-Aug-2015
Add more insistent beeps, like when the headlights are still on and exiting the car.
    Created 7-Jun-2015