Trailer Hitch


Now Implemented!


Offer a trailer hitch option for towing bikes, trailers, propane generators, etc.


There are third-party products available, but the Model S is not rated for any towing capacity.


Now implemented on the Model X with a 5000 lbs towing capability. The Model Y also offers 3,500 lbs of towing capability.  The Cybertruck is another option to consider.

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     Created 30-May-2013


Ever since I started to think of buying a Tesla the lack of a trailer hitch has been extremely annoying. I guess in the States many people own several cars and use different cars for different purposes. In Europe many of us want to have ONE car for all purposes.

Tesla is aiming at rather wealthy people with an environment consciousness.  Many of us want to bring bikes and other things where you really need a back hitch. In our family we need to transport bikes almost every day.

Without a hitch Tesla is somewhat experienced as am interesting, luxurious, but unpractical car. Many of us that support Tesla want Tesla to be a car for daily life, discovered by more and more people. I am quite convinced a trailer hitch would make Tesla available for quite some more buyers, especially in Europe.

It´s good TorkliftCentral has got an unsupported third party solution to this problem. But using such a solution might still void your car warranty and also if you tow a trailer you may be illegal, depending on what country you live in.

Tesla motors: Please do something about this!!!!
    Created 4-May-2014
Torklift Central offers an EcoHitch that is designed to fit on the Tesla Model S. We do not recommend towing large amounts with the EcoHitch but towing a small cargo tray or a bicycle rack with your Tesla would be fine. For more information about the product you can visit
    Created 3-Jun-2013