Show Blindspot Cars


Now Implemented!


In the instrument display show cars in the relative position around you, especially in the blindspots.


Moderator: An early prototype autopilot display did this. No idea why it was changed, but it might be the display got too busy and/or cars might appear/disappear when they are on the threshold of detection.


Implemented in V9 software in October 2018.

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     Created 3-May-2016


I REALLY miss my chime when I try to change lanes and there is a car there!!!  How do I vote???  Thanks
    Created 28-Jul-2018
a blindspot sign is planned to be implemented someday AFAIK. i will surely not be a vehicle in the side, but could be some red color on the road aside the display behind the wheel.

an arc on the side of the screen could also fit. just Like the white shadow when you let the autopilot steer for too long, but only in a side of the screen.

some other option would be to enable the vision 360 in the central screen like it already exists on some other cars.
    Created 12-Jun-2018
I don't know why the side view mirrors don't contain a visual warning light to inform the driver when it's safe/unsafe to change lanes.  This should be federal law.  For a car company that prides itself on safety, this is a major oversight in my opinion.
    Created 26-Apr-2018
Adding a small blind spot video window overlay on the side of the display corresponding to the turn signal should be easy enough to implement.
    Created 3-Oct-2017
The cars on the side are hard to detect with current display on my 2017 S Tesla.  Adding a picture of car on side would help.  My other cars show a warning light on the side mirrors and even this would help driving the Tesla.  The warning shown on the Tesla dash is very poor!

    Created 31-Jul-2017