Flat Tire Alert when Parked



Send an alert to the app if the tire pressure gets low when parked.


A few days after it was last driven, my garaged car had a flat.  Discovered only right when I needed to go somewhere.  It is a slow leak that takes a day to leak out, so the tire pressure monitoring system could have detected it far earlier to avoid an urgent or expensive service.

Making it an option is fine because others might not wish to vampire drain to periodically check the pressure.  Could also limit to checking only when on the charger, or at certain charge limits.

Moderator: The tire sensors only send data when moving to conserve their limited battery power.  A set of new tire sensors, perhaps with a much larger sensor battery could sense the pressure perhaps once an hour.  Then the car would need to be powered up to detect this as the four-tire sensors are not synchronized.  It might cost as much as 1 mile/hour to implement this in addition to new sensors if sentry mode is off.  An even more advanced design would eliminate the range issue where the tire sensors can receive a request to send the pressure, but that would require an even larger battery in each tire or have a much shorter life.  An all-new TPMS would also be required.



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     Created 8-Jun-2022

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I wonder if this could be done with a yaw sensor or some sort of axis geometry instead of the TPM?   Once set, the car could determine its own level and if it gets outside a range of level you could be notified.  Just a way to work around the TPM.
    Created 30-Jul-2022