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Offer tinted rear windows (rear and rear sides).


My Sienna minivan came with tinted rear windows, which I loved. As did my Volvo XC60.  It’s too difficult to find a reputable tinter once we have the car (and I don’t want to have to leave my car for a day at the tinters).

Many luxury cars or even higher-end lines of non-luxury models come with standard tinted windows.


The Model X and Y both include tinted rear windows, standard as of 2020.

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     Created 12-May-2014


This is US-specific, but window tinting laws vary by state so manufacturers can't tint sedans much at all.  I believe my S100D does have a slight tint on the side windows as they definitely shade more than when the windows are down.  SUV's and minivans are different as federal law allows their side and rear windows to be heavily tinted (not the front doors or windshield).  I recall that law started back when those were passenger versions of commercial vehicles like panel vans, which had no side/rear windows at all.  But sedans are treated differently by the law, so no heavy tinting comes standard like on SUV's and minivans.
    Created 15-Sep-2018
@JanosB I like the idea of fully opaque windows while the car is parked.

I never understood the ban on front window tinting, especially when with Photochromic/Transition glass they would only be tinted in bright sunlight, which is when you want it.
    Created 13-Sep-2015
A great windshield shade is made by "Eclipse Sunshades". Been using them for years in AZ.
    Created 1-Dec-2014
The coolest way to do tinted windows would be an electro-chromatic tinting ...

... imagine the windows switching to mirrored as the car locks and you walk away ... complete security ... cooler when parked in the sun ... and private too if you just want to catch up on 40 winks

And of course you could customise the degree of tint, while staying within local safety requirements
    Created 14-Oct-2014
Degree of tint is location specific.  I believe that in the US you can't tint your front window ever.  Side windows can be tinted up to certain levels which are regulated by each state.  There are some very fine window tinting establishments, you might have to do some research but they are around.

If you're worried about heat load when the car is parked I saw some gold sun shades from teslaaccessories (now called evannex).  In my opinion they do work (have one for my Prius) but are a PIA to use.
    Created 10-Jul-2014
I spoke with Tesla about this.  They said that they have not found a coating that definitively does not degrade the 3G signal.  I assume that means that all the coatings have a metallic property.
    Created 24-Jun-2014
The rear hatch area gets quite warm.  Since I put one of my dogs back there it is an issue.  Tinting might reduce the transferred heat (or rather the use of an appropriate thermal film can reduce both visual light and more importantly the infra-red).  3M makes such a product.

I would like options for front & side windows to get this same kind of product.  A version reduces only 10% of the visible light but 70% of the heat.
    Created 13-May-2014