Time of day charging by Location


Now Implemented!


Have a setting that will start charging at a specific time, such as 11 pm when the rates are cheaper.

This option would be automatically enabled when the vehicle is plugged in at pre-set locations, such as at home, but ignored when not at one of the pre-set locations, such as work or traveling.

Requires ability to set/remove a location from a list, and set the start and end period, such as 10 pm to 7 am.

If plugged in during the start/end period, charging would begin immediately.

Should have an option to stop charging at the end of the period even if not fully charged to avoid electric company peak rate times.

Should also have a single-shot override button, which starts charging immediately, but resets to normal operation when charging stops.

As a plus, it might have an auto-override if the State of Charge (SOC) is below a set threshold, such that if the battery is below 10% it starts the charging, and ignores the specific start/end time.


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Now standard. Tesla released time of day charging by location with the version 4.3 software in March 2013.

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     Created 19-Nov-2012


an other cool feature could be that you for different location can enter the price / time of day

so the car can calculate how much it need to recharge at a pay per KW charger to get home
    Created 11-May-2013
This has been implemented in v4.4, including the location-based memory.
    Created 20-Apr-2013