Battery % and Range in App


Now Implemented!


Have the Tesla phone app to show the amount of battery charge as a percent as well as the estimated range. Better still would be the projected range as well as a range based on the last 30 miles.


Unfortunately, the estimated range is not what is normally achieved and therefore can be misleading when planning journeys.


At the top of the app, it shows the range in miles, the same indicator as in the car.  In addition, the battery charge graphic is shown. While the battery level not in a percent form, it’s easy to estimate.  The charging screen shows a larger view.

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     Created 25-Apr-2016


This is a no-brainer!
    Created 31-Dec-2016
Rated miles & Percentage should also be shown at the same time on the dash.
    Created 1-Dec-2016
People say that rated miles remaining is misleading, but it is no more misleading than percentage.
    Created 15-Oct-2016
I prefer to think in terms of "rated miles" instead of "% of battery". After nearly 70K Model S miles, I have not really needed to know percentage; just rated miles needed to get to the next stop.  Besides, the battery bar itself is already a graphical version of the percentage.
    Created 31-May-2016
I Agree this is useful. You can currently get that through the Remote S App from the app store. It costs $, but worth it I think.
    Created 25-Apr-2016