Timed Climate Control


Now Implemented!


Have a way to set times to run the HVAC every day.


I love having the Tesla app on my phone so I can preheat/cool the car before driving every morning. But it would be even better if I could also program the app to automatically heat/cool at a set time each day, so I don’t have to actively remember to turn on the heat/air 15 minutes before I leave the house. Maybe I’m just lazy or forgetful, but it seems it’s a pretty easy software update and would make the Tesla experience even better.

This can be done with the Visual Tesla App , although not a Tesla product, it runs on a PC and not your phone.


Available using the preconditioning option since at least 2018.  It automatically activates the HVAC based on your daily use.

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     Created 28-Apr-2014


Having the ability to set a different departure time for each day of the week would really make life much easier. Especially when possible from the app.

This would make life much easier for people having one or more fixed weekdays working from home, and for people having different schedules each week. Being able to punch in the schedule for the next week in the app would be great.
    Created 27-May-2020
I believe this is handled by the automatic Pre-Conditioning feature.  My car has been cooling off for me leaving the house in the morning and leaving the office in the afternoon.  Took me a few minutes to figure out why something was running when I walked up to it.
    Created 3-Jun-2015
The Visible Tesla app running on my Mac will do this in addition to scheduling other things.  I just downloaded it and it works great.  Check it out.
    Created 4-Oct-2014
Maybe the function in the app should make it possible to set a start and end time for every day of the week. Then the car won't cool/warm all day if you one day forget to use the car.
    Created 12-Aug-2014
I agree that if this functionality is provided via a smart phone application or desktop application, it would be great.  I would worry about cluttering the car GUI with this sort of thing.
    Created 13-May-2014