Driver Info Digital Card



Allow the storage of digital cards for insurance and driver’s license, that can be brought up on the display with a password.


Many insurance agencies and the police allow digital “card” that is stored on the smartphone. This might be loaded via the web or directly with on-screen prompts. The data could be encrypted within the car.



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     Created 2-Feb-2015


Scan your card and upload it to one of the many cloud storage services (OneDrive, DropBox,m Google Drive...), then view it on the web browser. No need for special software in the car.
    Created 1-Sep-2016
Very few jurisdictions allow this, probably not worth the effort until it is much more common. If you happen to live in one of the extremely rare places where this is legal, you can probably use the Web browser to do this.
    Created 1-Jan-2016
Maybe both on the phone app and the display, sync'd.
    Created 23-Mar-2015