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When TACC is active and it comes up to a stopped vehicle, it currently applies the brakes and slows/stops fairly abruptly. Change it so that it starts slowing sooner and is less aggressive so that it uses more regen.


TACC is awesome … but I’ve noticed it doesn’t begin slowing down until the very last moment, even when it detects a stationary vehicle in front …

This means first of all it causes the driver (me) to panic, and it also means that it has to use the physical brakes, not just the regen. At least, I’m pretty sure it uses the brakes, after 10,000 km I can judge fairly accurately the relative strength of regen braking and TACC braking is strong. This is true even with a high distance setting on the TACC control.

So much better to use the radar to notice a high differential speed, and to begin braking much sooner. I’d like it to slow earlier, to reduce the closing speed, and then to gradually coast to a stop progressively reducing regen until it gently stops close to the vehicle in front.


Improved over successive releases, although it works better if you set a longer following distance.  We consider this implemented.

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     Created 8-Jun-2015


Hasn't this been implemented?
    Created 1-Sep-2016
After using this feature on multiple brands of cars I would say that it needs to be aggressive in speeding up and well-planned in slowing down. Many drivers are quite lame in their style in that they pull in front without speeding up and after in front then start to slowly speed up with the traffic in the lane. The TACC algorithm needs to accommodate such poor behavior by not 'thinking' so much in a speed up scenario. Distance can't be an absolute as far as the algorithm is concerned. It needs to behave more 'human-like' in that as drivers we are tolerant of distance being a range rather than fixed. I will allow a very close proximity when I know the delta V is small and I will be considerably more aggressive in large delta V situations. This is all codifyable and also provides product differentiation, since most ACC algorithms are poor, particularly the Japanese ones.
    Created 2-Sep-2015
Turn the TAAC knob to level 7 or near level 7.  It's less aggressive.
    Created 1-Aug-2015
I would also suggest the speed up be less aggressive on resume or in start / stop traffic.  On the freeway you can have jack rabbit start and stop behavior.   MS feels way to jerky in this instance, especially for passengers.
    Created 20-Jul-2015
I agree, the slowing of the TACC should be improved.
    Created 2-Jul-2015