Support USB Drives with exFAT


Now Implemented!


Have the ability to handle exFAT format flash drives.


Currently, USB drives must be FAT32 for the Tesla. Drives greater than 32 GB are often formatted in exFAT, and Windows provides no options to format in FAT32 for large drives.


Implemented around 2019.

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     Created 24-Oct-2018


This issue has been solved for music for a while.

I am currently using a 2TB hard disk partitioned into 500GB FAT32 for TeslaCam and 1.5TB exFAT for lossless music (flac).

This has worked great From version 2020.8.3 as I remember.

I also tried formatting the TeslaCam partition with exFAT with no success, so reverted to FAT32 using a free tool to format the 500GB partition. With luck TeslaCam exFAT support has been added in the latest firmware upgrades, but I have not tried again yet.

UPDATE 2020-05-25:  No go with either exFAT or ext4 (even with chmod 777) for TeslaCam in firmware 2020.11.12.2 either.
    Created 7-May-2020
I managed to re-format a USB drive from exFAT to FAT 32 using GUI format available at this link.

Can now play music off the USB

    Created 9-Oct-2019
alternative also support:

  • EXT4

  • HFS+

  • APFS

  • NTFS

    Created 3-Dec-2018