Stream Amazon and Apple Music/Video


Now Implemented!


Offer Amazon and Apple music and videos.


Amazon provides a “million songs” for streaming to its Amazon Prime customers. An interface to this music source would benefit many. A bonus would be Amazon Video too.

An alternative approach would be to allow the web browser to access the car’s audio system.

As a bonus, there shouldn’t be any recurring costs to Tesla.


Apple Music is now implmented.  While Amazon is not implemented, we’re going to close this one out.

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     Created 28-Aug-2016


We can watch YouTube and Disney+ videos. Why not Amazon Prime and HBOMax? Hopefully allwill become available in time. Someone suggested PLEX integration and that is also a good idea.
    Created 1-May-2022
I would prefer this as well

Since most all Tesla drivers own a phone, why not allow more phone integration for the personal stuff?

We all most likely subscribe to Audible, or one of the many music services that are available and with a tighter USB integration from the phone to the cars infotainment system, we could keep these personal preferences of each user, defined by their phone

All is needed is the Tesla screen to mirror the phones controls.

In Car App?
    Created 29-Jun-2019
I searched for this site specially to ask for or upvote this very feature request.  Amazon Music would be #1 and Apple number 2.
    Created 31-Jan-2019
If Tesla asked Amazon to provide an API for Amazon music so it could be included in hundreds of thousands of cars, Amazon would be a fool to say ‘No’.

Having prime music would be a great feature at this point.
    Created 31-Jan-2019
Absolutely. It may be relatively straightforward to offer logins for all the popular subscription music streaming services,  allowing owners to navigate their private playlists without fiddling with their phones, and without having to hand off full control of other features via Apple CarPlay or Android Auto.

The obstacle may be the lack of published APIs for these services, that the laptop interfaces are a just a customized web page. Could be that Tesla could offer something like dedicated web page “tabs” that would show up when you add such streaming services, but then as we all know, the Tesla web browser implementation is painfully slow, especially with MCU1.

Perhaps if streaming services have or could offer published APIs, Tesla could offer a common interface to all of them which would provide navigation to lists of play lists and songs, without wandering into web browser hell. Could look much like the existing Slacker or TuneIn interface.
    Created 10-Dec-2018
For best coverage I would add Google Play Music to this as well.
    Created 10-Dec-2018
The more account logins to private music subscription services the better, as long as the result is some touchscreen interface to select album/artist/playlist, rather than having to go back to the phone. Real bonus would be able to integrate the voice command parts. As noted this is a one-time investment from Tesla, the subscriptions are paid by the user. Similar model to Slacker and TuneIn, except those have the “free” versions built into the car, offering a login for the personal account (once they get the TuneIn login working again).
    Created 2-Dec-2018